Be a part of this special celebration of Christmas and brings Sense, Solidarity and Hope to those people who need it.

Social Projection

Volunteer, spaces of coexistence, collaboration with other institutions, training in helping the community in need

Trabajamos, entre otras áreas:

Constantemente vamos a trabajar a comunidades. Si quieres que vayamos a tu comunidad y trabajemos algunos de estos temas u otros que necesites puedes contactarnos.

Deliveries for love and meaning in Christmas

Jacqueline Caldas, representative of the council for the administration of the Costa Rican Logotherapy Center, Viktor Frankl.

Delivery of Food to the community

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Time has passed and continues to a situation unchanged and real humanity: a pandemic that has radically changed our lives and has created pain, crisis and the need to seek to adapt. It is here where the Speech reminds us that it is our responsibility to address and respond to the life which presents to us ahead.

Likewise, it has been a time where that contribution to others that life requires every individual, as is mentioned Frankl, has made real in us, more than ever, being the light of the sense that is turned on with more strength and drives us to act, to increase our reach, to be a support network more robust and continue to preach the Speech through our lines of action, now including new media, and rapprochement with the people.

Bringing new ideas to action

We have always been faithful believers that the meeting, the look at each other and share a physical space, generates the best results in terms of the positive impact that this will have the participants of a workshop, and even within a class with academic content. But we have also managed to realize that the bond and closeness authentic can also be achieved by means of a screen that binds us together, under one and the same reality. And that is also in choosing that attitude to make things happen.

This is how we have implemented more force online platforms like Zoom and Facebook Live to provide our services. So the attention to families and individuals, courses, lectures, roundtable discussions, and the Diplomate in Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, is now within the reach of persons who have previously been hindered by time, distance or unable to move closer to the Center.

But all of that adaptation has not been there, but from the money obtained with all our activities, we provided a significant percentage to invest in the purchase of food for people in need of financial support, or to generate income to provide psychological care, or supporting people who require, but do not have sufficient means to pay a professional.

We know there is a way to go, but we can also look back to see our scope and our lessons learned to follow with enthusiasm the vision of bringing the world Logotherapy and Existential Analysis.

Licda. Jessica Ulate Castle – Community Manager CCLAE