Costa Rican Logotherapy Center and Existential Analysis: Viktor Frankl

We empower people to discover their meaning in life through Logotherapy and Existential Analysis.

What is Logotherapy and Existential Analysis?

Logotherapy and Existential Analysis is a therapy that helps the human being to reclaim or rediscover the love for life and your existence.

In the Costa Rican Logotherapy Center and Existential Analysis: Viktor Frankl we aim to boost the human being the discovery of sense and meaning of their life. Would you like to know more about logotherapy?

How to Discover the Meaning of Life?

According to Viktor Frankl, we, the people, can always find a sense to our lives, regardless of the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

This search for meaning is the primary motivation in life. The meaning of life is to find a purpose in assume a responsibility for ourselves and for the human being.

In addition, we always have a certain degree of freedom, since we can decide at least what attitude we adopt in the face of adversity.


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Books by Viktor Frankl

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